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   Viticultral Information
     Also know as Aurore grapes, Aurora is a white hybrid grape variety produced by Albert Seibel circa 1860 and used for wine production. Over a long lifetime Seibel produced many complex hybrid crosses of Vitis vinifera to American grapes. It is also known as Seibel 5279. It is a cross of Seibel 788 (which is Sicilien × Clairette Dorée Ganzin) and Seibel 29 (which is Munson × an unidentified Vitis vinifera ). Aurore may be used as a table or wine grape. It tends not to be used as a table grape due to unsuitability for shipping and is generally used for bulk wine production for blending with labrusca wines. It is also used to a lesser extent to make fruity and sparkling wines though considered to be mediocre in quality.
     Fruit ripening is early in the season between late August and Early September. Although the vine is resistant of many mildew diseases, is productive and vigorous; the fruit suffers susceptibility from bunch rot and bird attack. Aurore is planted where growing seasons are short like the Northern USA, Canada and the UK but is also planted in more temperate climates to extend the harvest season.

   Our Vineyard Information
     • Used in our wine Belle Rouge

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